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Data Science consulting to transform your complex data into actionable insights, make effective decision-making, and achieve better success in business.

Data Services

I'm Stephany G., an MIT-Certified Business Data Analyst. I use Data Science models with Python programming language to achieve optimized results for your business, regardless of your industry or target market.

Data Analysis &
Data Visualization

To make informed decisions, you need to understand your data. I can visualize them for you!

Marketing Campaign
Customer Segmentation

Identify the right customer segmentation
for cost-effective marketing campaigns

Reveal Hidden
Customer Behaviors

I can identify hidden customer behaviors to help marketers upsell and cross-sell the right products.

Sales and Price

With Data Science, I can predict future sales and pricing of products based on past data.

Discover what I can do for your company

How can we work together?


Let's discuss your goals

Together, we'll identify your needs around data, and determine the problem statement and objectives.


Data collection
& preparation

Let's collect your data from different sources and format the relevant data.


Data analysis
& data visualization

I'll dive deep into the data, and find out the underlying how, why, what, and how much.


Customer insights &

I'll present the visualized data, findings, and solution design to stakeholders.

Data Analyst for Business
is my role in Data Science

Companies ask me about my exact role in Data Science. Well, I'm a Data Analyst for business teams (sales and marketing). I work closely with stakeholders to determine their problem scope and objectives. With Python programming language, I prepare, explore, analyze the data provided. Then, I apply machine learning models to measure business impact through data visualization.

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Certified Python Programmer

Some Python libraries I use in data analysis and Machine Learning models
are Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Statistics, Scikit learn.

Benefits For Companies

Understanding the global trends of your business and overall market saves you time, money, and energy in the long term, and enables you to stay ahead of the competition.

Data-driven marketing
Smart customer insights
Optimized performance
Cost-effective operations

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